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Avoiding or delaying your CX transformation isn’t an option. As other businesses invest in data-led technologies, it’s up to you to develop a robust strategy to deliver and stay competitive. There are several tasks you need to prioritise.

76% of executives say improving CX is a high or critical priority.

Harvard Business Review

Why build a customer experience strategy?

A customer experience strategy is essential if you want to offer more value to your customers over time and embed customer-centric processes into your business that will drive loyalty, increase lifetime customer value, influence product development and boost and retain your market share.

Build a single source of truth

Without a solid data platform that gives you accurate, real-time insight into your business and customers, you can’t meet your CX goals. So investing in software which helps you use customer data is key. When IT and services teams can easily see and interpret business data, they can design products, services and communications that are tailored to customers’ wants and delivered through their preferred channels. Getting the right software – which will help you to consolidate and interpret your business data – gives you the means to turn that information into action. You can make better-informed decisions about how to proactively communicate and sell to diverse customer sets, laying the basis or exceptional CX.

Define ownership and collaboration

Delivering new services which better align with your goals for CX and growth means redesigning your internal processes and systems. You need to ensure different internal teams are bought into the process, so getting them involved early and showing that their existing workflows are accounted for is key. It’s important to create a roadmap for when legacy processes or systems will be migrated or replaced, to ensure downtime is low and the pace of transformation is communicated across your business.

Partner up

You can’t expect to make one significant investment which will fix your CX. A modular, cloud-based solution is needed to create the scalable automation and insight required for profitable, differentiated experiences. Taking an incremental approach to developing a tailored roadmap for CX is key, helping you gradually show the value of investments and build momentum for further transformation.

There’s light at the end of the funnel

How can you build a customer experience strategy? The good news is that developing the CX you need to thrive is achievable. Despite the headwinds of higher prices, margin instability and reduced consumer confidence, business leaders are still invested in the power of brands to improve lives and experiences.

The willing is there, so a redoubling of focus on actionable planning towards digital transformation of CX must be backed-up with a clear methodology and the right partnerships.

The Xpedition way

Transforming customer experience is something that Xpedition helps businesses to achieve every day. 

Our Revenue Operations (RevOps) approach is designed to help you get rid of internal silos and build momentum around CX, with a focus on maximising your revenue. We can help you to instil an understanding of CX responsibilities within your operations function, to adapt to the modern demands of digital, real-time experiences. Giving operations a remit to design and build better experiences will support a joined-up, 360-degree CX strategy, encompassing education, service development and growth.

As a Microsoft ­partner of over 20 years, we help businesses harness the combined power of Dynamics 365 and the Azure Data Platform to align sales, marketing, customer service and finance efforts. We underpin these with a strong data strategy, allowing organisations to create a modern CX operating model that drives customer engagement, satisfaction and experiences to create key competitive differentiation.  

We work with you to design a clear pathway to progress, so you can use your customer data better with a single, unified platform. And we help you align specific technologies with a broader solution design to help you improve and create more profitable experiences.

Ready to start your journey to CX-powered growth?

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