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As your customers demand faster response times, higher quality products and exceptional services, you need to transform at pace to remain competitive.  By leveraging business applications built on a single, low-code platform, you can empower your employees to innovate faster.


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As constant innovators, we challenge ourselves to find new ways to help you address your business goals using innovative solutions. Focused on outcomes, we collaborate with your teams to unleash the true value of the Power Platform. 

Power Apps

Power Apps is a suite of apps, connectors, services and data platform that provides everyone in an organisation with the ability to rapidly build and deploy custom business applications. It can be scaled to address a wide range of business challenges. Our low-code environment enables your employees to easily build powerful and automated digital workflows without the need for specialised, technical knowledge.

Power Apps can be connected to the data stored in the core data platform both online and on-premises, and to a hundreds of data sources such as Excel, SQL Server, Microsoft 365 and SharePoint.

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Power BI

Power BI enables organisations to bridge the gap between data and action. By connecting disparate data, we empower your team to create visually engaging charts and graphs, providing actionable insights that bring data to life.

Whatever questions your organisation has, we can help you answer them. Power BI’s highly customisable insights and advanced visual reports empower organisations, providing the confidence to make strategic, data-driven decisions that move your business forward.

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Power Automate

Xpedition can help you reduce the amount of time your teams spend on time-consuming, repetitive, manual tasks. With Microsoft Power Automate, you can automate and simplify these business processes, freeing up time so that your teams can focus on the high-value tasks that really matter.

Power Automate can be used with over 350 out-of-the-box connectors. Helping organisations easily collate valuable data from disparate sources, to use innovative applications such as Power BI. Enabling businesses to effectively interpret and act on intelligence in a way they’ve never been able to before.

Power Virtual Agents

Xpedition’s experience in implementing Power Virtual Agents enables businesses to design and create powerful chatbots that deliver a 24/7 personalised experience. Customers can enquire, raise and resolve any issues virtually, supporting the delivery of a superior customer experience.

The no-code, graphical interface means that even the most non-technical member of a team can create chatbots, without the need to understand the fundamentals of AI or complex code. Power Virtual Agents offers streamlined integration with existing systems, including Power Automate, and hundreds of available external connectors.

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Our Power Platform Delivery Model

With customers demand faster response times, higher quality products, and
exceptional customer service and relationships, your organisation needs to be able to quickly leverage
and deploy targeted solutions that will transform your operations and ensure you remain competitive.

What is the Power Platform Delivery Model?

The Power Platform Delivery Model has been designed to deliver rapid results at departmental level, tailored to suit the needs of your organisation.

We clearly focus on modernising business applications and automating processes in order to innovate faster, reduce inefficiencies, and solve your specific business challenges in the shortest space of time.

What is it designed to solve?

Our Power Platform delivery model is designed to focus on quick wins at a strategic, departmental level that can be addressed in a shortened timeframe, supporting the following:

  • Behaviours: transparency, collaboration and the engagement of key business users from the outset
  • Concepts: keep it simple, prioritise what is to be delivered, working iteratively and incrementally, time focussed
  • Techniques: focussed ‘day in the life’ sessions, capturing ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ journey maps, agreeing the minimum viable product (MVP),
    prototypes, time boxing and retrospectives

What does the Delivery Model include?

We work with you to identify a specific business challenge or problem statement and create high level use cases. We then spend time with one or two key business users to build out a persona to understand their responsibilities, goals, pain points, needs and opportunities, and how they are impacted by the stated problem.

An example user interface or visual representation of an automated process will then be prototyped and presented, together with an estimate of the time required to build the full solution.

We then proceed to the design & build phase, agreeing a target completion date and planning regular design meetings.


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Xpedition really understood what we wanted as a charitable organisation with their vast experience in this sector. They aligned their services and the way they talked about the solution to our specific needs and organisational culture.”

Ronald Kansere / Finance Manager, International Alert
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