3 Key Benefits of Cloud Computing

How cloud computing can help your business.

What are the benefits of cloud computing? Quite simply, there is a multitude of reasons for your business to invest in cloud computing. It gives you the ability to establish a virtual office, providing flexible connectivity for your business anywhere, any time. With the increasing amount of web-enabled devices currently used, access to your business data is even more convenient and essential in these competitive technology driven markets. It is more critical than ever to remain responsive to market changes; does your business possess the tools and infrastructure to keep up with your competitors? Can your company afford to avoid this any longer?

There are 3 main benefits of cloud computing for your business:

Cost efficiency

Ultimately, costs are often seen as one of the primary benefits of cloud computing, as organisations are naturally motivated by a desire to save money. This exercise is frequently employed when businesses are looking to cut back on operational costs; it is a simple and effective way to streamline your company’s financial commitments.

On-premise solution costs are not just exclusive to the direct cost of owning or licensing the physical equipment in your data centre, but also incorporate the cost of all maintenance and management of that infrastructure. This also includes training employees as necessary to support this function. These indirect costs will constitute a significant proportion of the expense of running on-premise solutions.

On-premise solutions require: space, construction, electricity, air conditioning, hardware procurement, operating systems, networking, physical security, and more.

On-going management of on-premise solutions also takes deep knowledge and experience within your IT team. Alternatively, a third party company can manage this on your behalf – but this comes at a cost too. With the ongoing trend towards Cloud, the cost of recruiting and onboarding the right people to look after your on-premise infrastructure will no doubt become higher as the skill set becomes less common.


Investing in on-premise infrastructure is a long-term commitment and limits your flexibility to react to the changing needs of your organisation and market. It also often hinders you from upgrading to the latest and greatest technology as it is released. This need to be responsive can be cited as one of the most valuable benefits of cloud computing for businesses.

The upfront capex costs of buying the equipment, combined with depreciation costs as it ages, soon add up.

Moving to the Cloud affords you flexibility and access to the best and most recent equipment and solutions available.

The impact on your business is virtually immediate, especially if you operate in a competitive market where leaders move fast. With the technological landscape shifting so frequently, it is essential that businesses allow themselves the opportunity to remain reactive to customer requirements and competitor pressures.


Unfortunately, security on-premise is only as reliable as the security procedures and policies put in place and enforced by your IT team.

Cloud service providers take the fact that thousands of customers entrust their data security to them very seriously. It is the foundation of their business ethos, and the reason why businesses rely on them for ultimate security. Of all the advantages of cloud computing, this one aspect can provide the peace of mind your company is searching for.

Cloud service providers are required to meet the highest security standards in the industry. If your organisation is required to comply with security standards, for example; SOC2, ISO27001, HIPAA, and PCI these will be much easier to obtain when running in a Cloud environment.

Authentication, authorisation, logging, and auditing are all built in to all cloud platforms – providing a unified, all-round solution to your business requirements. Additionally, with the ever-increasing risk of cybersecurity, are you confident your current setup is sufficient to defend your company against potential future threats?

Convinced why you should consider a move to the Cloud? We are! If you are;

It is definitely the right time for you to investigate your Cloud options.

Investigate the benefits of cloud computing before it’s too late

Dynamics 365 Business Central is the latest ERP software offering from Microsoft for small to medium size businesses, hosted in the Cloud and licensed on a per user per month basis.

Business Central contains all the features and functionality of Dynamics NAV, which is in use by over 160,000 organisations in over 190 countries. Xpedition sees this as a fantastic opportunity for organisations to make huge savings, utilise industry leading technology and future proof themselves with a product that has a roadmap and over £2B annual research and development budget.

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