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Radley Yeldar: Dynamics 365 Customer Case Study

See how Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Xpedition enabled a leading creative agency to deliver cutting-edge marketing and integrate their sales & marketing functions.

Vital Sales and Marketing Automation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions

“Xpedition and Microsoft Dynamics 365 came out on top as the most flexible and easy-to-use marketing automation solution.”

Founded in 1986, Radley Yeldar is an independent creative communications consultancy that helps companies tell their stories simply, in one clear voice, through whatever channels work best. Working with hundreds of companies from across Europe,  Radley Yeldar helps clients unlock their toughest challenges and capitalise on their biggest opportunities.

The Challenge

Disparate information and disjointed communication

Radley Yeldar wanted to automate and connect their business development resources, so they could plan, manage and monitor campaigns more effectively.

Business development team members couldn’t easily identify who was talking to whom or what sales and marketing activities were in progress. Sometimes, people had to resort to verbal enquiries to find out if anyone was at work on an account. It was impossible to extract reliable or current management information to support decision-making and strategic and marketing planning.

Previously, Radley Yeldar had tracked contacts and leads using several systems. One was for basic contact management which was inflexible and difficult to search, with no automation. Another unconnected system helped manage opportunities and pipeline. In addition, the consultancy was using a separate email marketing solution with no links to either of their existing databases.

This lack of connectivity meant it was difficult to understand the pipeline of opportunities. It was also time-consuming for the team to extract, filter and import data into the email marketing solution. There was no tracking visibility of emails for the non-marketing members of the team.

The Opportunity

Best-in-class CRM technology that’s easy to use

Radley Yeldar had already seen Microsoft Dynamics 365 in action at an Xpedition event and immediately they could see the difference the solution could make to their organisation.

Radley Yeldar discussed the opportunity with Xpedition to develop a detailed requirement document so they could systematically evaluate other CRM products on the market. Xpedition’s full demonstration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 further convinced Radley Yeldar that it was the best solution for their needs.
The Radley Yeldar team explained:

“Xpedition showed us how flexible and user-friendly the software was, so we were quite confident that it could do everything we wanted. We were also strongly influenced by the team’s experience and knowledge. They talked our language, so we felt comfortable that they understood how we worked internally and how we wanted to communicate with our customers and prospects as well as the way we needed to create and evaluate campaigns.”

Furthermore, the team at Radley Yeldar went onto state that:

“Radley Yeldar is a creative communications consultancy and therefore our approach to new business and client development has to reflect this by being considered, intelligent and insightful. Coupled with the fact that nearly everything we do at Radley Yeldar is a result of a team effort, it was becoming increasingly inefficient and highly ineffective to work from multiple systems. We needed one version of the truth and we needed a CRM system that was sophisticated enough to help us track and maximise intricate client relationships from complex organisations. We also needed one that could support our marketing strategy in parallel and help us harness the power of social listening. After spending a lot of time reviewing systems and implementation partners, it became apparent that Microsoft Dynamics and Xpedition were the right fit for Radley Yeldar.”

The Solution

Automated campaigns through Microsoft Dynamics CRM plus ClickDimensions

Jeremy Ward, Xpedition’s Head of Consulting,  worked closely with Radley Yeldar to help specify and scope the first phase of the project. Work on deploying Microsoft Dynamics sales tools and integrating them with the ClickDimensions email solution began in earnest. The time it took for Xpedition to move from the first phase of scoping, through to customising the software and launching the solution, was four months.

From initial project planning to go-live, Xpedition worked closely with Radley Yeldar to ensure that the solution deployed would not only overcome their specific business challenges but would also add significant value from day one.

The speed of deployment was a key factor. From a limited, manual set of data and processes, Radley Yeldar now has an advanced and automated capability to target, deploy, monitor and follow up email campaigns far more effectively and quickly.

“In our analysis of the options, Xpedition and Microsoft Dynamics 365 came out on top as the most flexible and easy-to-use marketing automation solution. The team’s skill and understanding have brought us effective and usable results fast. Their expertise complemented ours – we know about communication and customer focus, they’ve helped us use technology to exploit opportunities more effectively.”

The Future

The power to be social, current, collaborative and analytical

Microsoft Dynamics 365 features a host of functionalities which further complement the integration between the sales and marketing functions.

With digital marketing now a vital tool for a cutting edge consultancy, Radley Yeldar is excited about the future possibilities for marketing analytics combined with inbound and outbound engagement across a growing number of channels.

Furthermore, with Radley Yeldar choosing to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the cloud, they also benefit from Microsoft upgrades, new features and capabilities when they are released.
If you would like to explore the world of CRM and explore how the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement can elevate your client relationships contact one of our many experts today. 

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