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BKL: Dynamics 365 Customer Case Study

Find out how Xpedition delivered an advanced digital marketing platform for BKL, one of the UK’s leading accountancy firms.

An accountancy CRM success story
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BKL already had a highly-customised Microsoft Dynamics solution in place. What was required was an advanced marketing solution that integrates with their existing CRM and delivers personalised marketing content based on a clients specific interests, needs and requirements.
Discover how Xpedition created this customised client marketing solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and delivers next-generation marketing capabilities for a next-generation accountancy firm.

“We approached Xpedition because of their reputation for improving CRM systems, specialist digital marketing expertise and strong support of their own clients.”
Simon Bussell, Director of Marketing and Business Development, BKL

The Challenge

Making the best use of existing client data

BKL is one of the UK’s top 50 accountancy firms. Employing over 190 people, BKL supports entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals, family offices, freelancers and growing businesses. BKL recognises that people matter most and is committed to making a difference to the lives of its people, clients and communities.

With lots of change happening in the accountancy sector, larger firms are providing self-service through automation as an affordable alternative to traditional accountancy services. This helps firms meet straightforward needs, such as tax returns.

Ultimately, effective client engagement and ongoing relationship management is key to retaining clients. As a progressive and people-focused firm, BKL identified a strategic need to optimise its marketing and promotion, ensuring clients and prospects are informed about how BKL’s accountancy services provide a responsive approach to continually meet their particular needs.

The Opportunity 

Integration and enhancement

The BKL team engaged Xpedition for two reasons: to provide ongoing support to their complex existing accountancy CRM solution, and to design and deploy an effective digital marketing platform to work with it. BKL already held a great deal of client data, acquired through on-boarding and KYC (know your client) process.

BKL had a well-established Dynamics system in place. Highly customised, it had over 100 fields of data integration with the existing Practice Management System. The project began with Xpedition consultancy workshops to understand the business and infrastructure requirement and context. We created a detailed design of the necessary enhancements and extensions.

As part of the support package, we redesigned and optimised existing integrations and configuration, to provide clean, dependable data that was compatible with the new digital marketing platform, ClickDimensions. We then configured and tested the system,with a successful ‘go live’ in September 2017.

The Solution

Sophisticated, needs-focused targeting from trusted data

Working together to define the digital marketing solution, we revealed some important principles to underpin the effectiveness of BKL’s future marketing campaigns. For example, individual contacts have different roles and accountancy requirements depending on whether they’re acting as a representative of a company, or as a private individual.

We changed BKL’s system so it showed these different contexts and the accumulated value of each client across their roles. In turn, this means that BKL can communicate with specific clients about the most relevant services and topics that match their most likely current need.

The Future

Truly customised client marketing

BKL has transformed its competitive marketing capability, now that it can create accurate marketing lists and reach the right people with different messages to suit their needs and preferences. The CRM enhancements and new platform also give BKL a full audit trail with GDPR-compliant opt-ins and well controlled personal contact data.

To learn more about Xpedition and the Accountancy CRM Accelerator, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, watch the video here.

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