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Ageas Insurance: Dynamics 365 Customer Case Study


Discover how Xpedition and Microsoft Dynamics 365 helped Ageas Insurance identify its highest value brokers, deliver targeted marketing through advanced ClickDimensions automation, and provide relationship managers with access to intelligence on-the-go, via a secure tablet interface.

“From the moment we first approached Xpedition, they provided us with the best engagement experience at every stage.”

Matt Looker, Marketing Manager, Ageas Insurance

The Challenge

Create new BI and digital marketing capability

One of the largest insurers in the UK, Ageas is part of an international group headquartered in Brussels. Ageas insures millions of motorists and households in the UK with clients applying directly through their website, as a co-owner of Tesco Underwriting, through third-party brokers, and in partnership with organisations such as Age UK, John Lewis Financial Services and Vauxhall Motors. Ageas’ mission is to make insurance easy and straightforward for customers.

Ageas approached Xpedition as it wanted to replace a bespoke in-house system with a new solution. The objective was to create a platform that was easier and more cost-effective to maintain and develop, and could generate the sophisticated business intelligence they needed to manage and grow their business. They needed to measure and continually monitor how much business they were doing through different affiliates, brokers and businesses.

The new solution would need to integrate with a huge amount of critical broker network data held in a bespoke IBM i-Series back-office system.

The Opportunity

Effective integration through collaboration

Xpedition engaged with Ageas in a formal procurement process where we were pitted against larger, big-name consultancies. Ageas were impressed with the questions the Xpedition team asked and the ideas we offered, helping them create a comprehensive project scope.

The project consisted of two phases. Initially, a thorough review of the whole scope helped Ageas rationalise the elements of the work, dividing it between in-house and Xpedition resources. This helped keep costs down and promoted a collaborative approach which suited Ageas insurance culturally.

During the definition phase, Xpedition created a robust plan that covered all the existing and new functionality. In deployment, we prioritised the most key business functions to go live first. The integration aspects of the project were sophisticated, as there were interdependencies with other business-critical projects, including a new broker extranet and a major digital marketing campaign.

We delivered a core broker relationship management solution, using existing iSeries data. The solution included ClickDimensions digital marketing, to segment, manage and target brokers with the most relevant and profitable offerings.

The Solution

A leading-edge platform with bespoke capability

The Xpedition solution provided a competitive advantage as it was bespoke. We could configure it to Ageas’ Insurance needs rather than providing a generic industry solution. This gives Ageas all the benefits of a leading-edge, robust platform, but with customised, individual functionality.

With data security also critical for Ageas, the Microsoft Cloud protocols tick all compliance and data boxes. There were some extra challenges in deploying the tablet version of the solution in order to operate securely with internal security systems. Once these were addressed, staff working remotely and in the field could access the system and call on or add to the latest broker insight any time.

Previously, there was no way for Ageas insurance to combine brokers’ financial and relationship activity data into a single view. The new solution allows them to overlay all three dimensions, tracking trends and progress, and evaluating the next best actions to grow their business through different brokers. Relationship managers can now prioritise their time to nurture the best potential business. The project was delivered on time and on budget.

The Future

Granular intelligence for strategic decision-making

Ageas’ new CRM solution means they can easily drill down to reveal how different offices of the same broker are performing and which customer offerings are most successful for individual outlets.

Ageas’ future strategy relies on them being able to identify the highest value and potential value brokers and channels and develop and nurture those relationships accordingly. They now have that visibility and insight, both as strategic business intelligence and for day to day relationship management.

“It’s unusual for us to use external IT suppliers. Xpedition far exceeded our expectations with their collaborative approach and understanding of our unique requirements. This is one of the most successful externally resourced IT projects we’ve undertaken in recent years.”

Chris Dobson, Distribution & Development Director, Ageas Insurance

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