Cloud data management for businesses today

How secure, integrated, accurate data is the lifeblood of leading customer experiences

For most organisations, systems and data change and enhancement only happen when there’s a strong business case for investment. That’s good news for cloud adoption, because the benefits of cloud data management and solutions are strong and clear. They directly enable and underpin exceptional customer experiences forged from deep and detailed insight, which generate loyalty, greater spending and advocacy.

As revenue, profit, customer retention and growth are critical goals for most organisations, it’s not surprising that cloud adoption is a mainstream trend across all industries and sectors, from corporates to SMEs and not-for-profits. But there are other drivers for cloud that make it a compelling proposition across the board.

Enhanced cyber security to protection reputation and finances

UK ransomware attacks are increasing every year – 39% of all UK businesses have been hit, according to the 2022 Cyber Security Breaches Survey. No organisation wants to have to handle the loss of customer confidence and potential financial damage from a systems or data breach. Cloud solutions include automatic updates and optimisation, so systems and apps are always up to date and protected against the latest known threats. Strong cloud data governance keeps client and company data secure and well managed, to comply with regulation and show evidence of best practice.

Reduce IT maintenance overheads while delivering better functionality

In-house upgrades to on-premises systems and infrastructure are a constant burden to IT teams. Updating interfaces and creating parallel environments to maintain functionality places a high overhead on IT resources who need to keep legacy systems running and working together. Patches and workarounds leave organisations with an IT ecosystem dependent on individual knowledge. Systems are more fragile and prone to lose functionality or fail completely. Cloud sweeps away those overheads and costs, freeing up IT resources for more valuable priorities and delivering robust and reliable performance.

Scalability means cloud solutions keep pace with your business evolution

Scaling businesses demand more data storage and higher capacity. Mergers, acquisitions and divestment or restructuring create requirements to amalgamate and integrate systems. Scalability is inherent to cloud – it’s agile and flexible so you’re not dependent on physical hardware and finite software on your premises. There’s infinite data storage capacity in the cloud. With cloud solutions provided on a subscription model (XaaS) you can increase or reduce your users as needed. This operating expenditure (OpEx) charging model also makes it easier to justify business cases.

Operational resilience to prepare organisations for every eventuality

It’s not just pandemics that make secure remote access to data vital for organisations to survive and thrive. Changing business, workforce and customer needs mean that staff may choose or need to work remotely. Secure cloud data governance means you can make systems available securely and consistently through a wide range of devices from any location, 24/7.

Operational resilience means being ready to meet new or unexpected business situations. Cloud enables you to bring data together in a single, central source and carry out real-time analysis and reporting, using data science and AI techniques. You can anticipate market trends and be ready to take advantage of opportunities or defend against threats.

Data of all types has become the lifeblood of successful businesses. Cloud solutions and cloud data management address business challenges right across the C-Suite – the CEO and the IT, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Governance and Compliance directors. Holistic, accurate, timely cloud data is available to support crucial business decisions – from strategic long-term planning and investment through to designing real-time, responsive customer experiences. The emerging role of Chief Data Officer places clear emphasis on the challenges of managing data and information – cloud delivers integrated, centralised, secure and compliant data.

Microsoft Azure is an industry-leading, highly secure cloud platform that can enable your business to innovate and scale. Xpedition has the expertise to advise and support you through the process with maximum business impact.

Download our whitepaper co-written with Microsoft – Move to Microsoft Azure to Accelerate Growth – for a detailed explanation of what cloud-powered data solutions can achieve for your business.

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