Touchstone Group Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Policy

The Touchstone Group, incorporating Touchstone FMS and Xpedition strives to embed Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) into its business practices and to meet its responsibilities to society. Touchstone’s Management and ESG Committee both have a role in shaping and steering the Group’s approach.



Touchstone seeks to:

Touchstone’s Core ESG Principles are set out below:

1. Environment

Touchstone wants to play its part in contributing to the UK Government’s targets of cutting greenhouse gases. It recognises the potential impact of the business on the local and global environments and aims to minimise the negative environmental impacts arising from those activities, and has put in place a number of processes to help us reach carbon neutrality.  To help meet its targets, Touchstone purchases 100% of its electricity from verified renewable sources, eliminating its Scope 2 carbon emissions

This policy states Touchstone’s commitment to environmental sustainability and applies to all premises and activities within the control of the Touchstone Group. 

Touchstone has the following objectives:

1.1 Sustainable Travel

Business travel forms part of the company’s carbon footprint.  The company aims to minimise business travel and the associated environmental impact through the following measures:

2. Social

2.1 Employees

The company is committed to providing equal opportunities in employment and supports a diverse workforce.  It believes diversity, inclusion and equality are key principles necessary for it to operate successfully across its many sectors of business activity.

The company ensures that it will not discriminate against job applicants or employees on the grounds of their sex, marital status, pregnancy or maternity, sexual orientation, disability, age, race (including colour, nationality or national or ethnic origins), religion or belief or gender reassignment. It is the company’s policy to make every effort to provide a working environment free from harassment, intimidation and discrimination.

The company is dedicated to providing support for employee mental and physical wellbeing and provides an employee assistance programme (EAP), mental health first aiders and mental health awareness training. 

The company is also dedicated to the development of staff. The Company offers ongoing professional development opportunities and has established a mentoring programme that offers staff the opportunity to be guided and assisted by a member of the team (Xpedition only).

2.2 Health & Safety

Ensuring the provision of a safe working environment.

3. Company Ethos

Being fully responsive to the needs of the customer and providing an assured service that fundamentally incorporates all relevant legislative considerations.

4. Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance covers the rights and responsibilities for the management of the company.

Touchstone ensures that its management structures and policies reflect the need for clear leadership, accountability, equality and probity in the management of the business.

As a well-established private business in areas of specialised technical expertise Touchstone seeks to maintain an appropriate balance of duties between its management, shareholders, and employees. These relate to the following areas:

5. Charitable

5.1 Charities/Community Engagement

Touchstone Group is committed to sharing its success with those less fortunate by providing resources to important causes.  Every year, the Charity Committee, with input from employees, selects a number of charities, national and community, to support and for which employees can be directly involved in fund raising and volunteering.

6. ISO Accreditation (Xpedition only)

Xpedition has adopted the ISO 27001 framework for Information Security Management System. Information Security Management which includes a formal methodology of risk assessment, and the selection of appropriate controls to manage these identified risks. ESG is incorporated into these business processes and policies.

7. Reporting

Through its commitment to ESG, Touchstone plans to maintain internal reporting on its ESG approach and performance each year.


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