Building Business Resilience: Top challenges facing financial services and how to address them in 2022

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Thursday 9th December 2021 | 2:00 – 3:00 pm

Live, Interactive and Online 

Join our webinar in partnership with Goodacre UK to discover the future trends for financial services and learn more about the importance of building business resilience in each of the key business areas – processes, people, technology, information, facilities.

We will share the key challenges financial services firms are facing related to each business resilience area and suggest effective ways to overcome these challenges to accelerate success in 2022.  

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About Xpedition

Xpedition works with leading financial services firms from across Private Equity, Wealth and Asset Management, Banking and Insurance. We can help you build, plan and execute a comprehensive business transformation roadmap that will make your digital vision a reality.

We are widely respected in the Microsoft partner community and our reputation for quality implementations, principally to financial services firms, is now reflected in a portfolio of financial services apps to complement our FS sector-specific competencies.

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