Value creating solutions for Portfolio companies

As a trusted technology provider for Private Equity backed companies, we can help you to accelerate time to value by prioritising your technology investment, fully optimising your sales and marketing and driving targeted cost reduction through automating processes.


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Why we’re different

As a Private Equity backed company you will be facing a number of challenges, from providing seamless reporting on financial performance and progress, to prioritising digital transformation initiatives that accelerate value, reduce cost and allow you to respond to a rapidly changing business environment.

Imagine a world where your trusted technology partner understands your business, your goals, and helps you to achieve these throughout the investment process. Imagine solutions that help you to optimise customer insights and deliver personalised customer service. Where you can manage your supply chain with ease or address the challenge of data governance.

At Xpedition, we are helping businesses achieve this today. Underpinned by Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Microsoft Azure, we partner with portfolio companies like yourselves to prioritise and implement value creating solutions, aligned to your goals from investment to exit.

What customers are

saying about us

“Microsoft is partnering with Xpedition to ensure that Private Equity firms can help the portfolio companies they work with digitally transform and innovate on the cloud. Being a key Dynamics 365 Co-sell partner in Microsoft’s Private Equity programme, Xpedition will ensure that firms and their portfolio companies can maximize their use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Platform, enabling them to create value, reduce costs and drive sustainable growth.”

Marie Abery / Microsoft Business Group Director

Helping to create value across your business

1. Explore

Critical to the success of any initiative is having a structured set of steps to envision and plan for business transformation. Our funded ideation workshops are built on proven concepts from Boston Consulting, Harvard Business School and McKinsey.

2. Plan your route

Whether it is migration planning or access to funded assessments for Data readiness or cloud migration, we partner with you, identifying the scope of any project, investment and outcomes upfront.

3. Visualise

We will collaborate with you to develop a design prototype, or subject to criteria, a full proof of concept, to test and evaluate any solution before committing to a transformation project.

4. Embark

We know you need to flex and adapt in response to a rapidly changing business landscape. Our unique collaborative and blended agile approach enables flexibility and rapid time to value, building resiliency and mitigating risk to business continuity.

Value creating solutions

Unlock the Power of your data

Data governance and compliance are key issues for any company. We can help you to realise data as an asset and become a data driven business. We will take you on a journey from data quality and strategy to a single unified data platform, providing you with the structure to leverage predictive analytics, insights and next best actions, utilising AI and machine learning.

Activate Digital Selling

Our solutions enable you to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and build stronger relationships, accelerating deals and increasing wins through next best actions, aligning sales and marketing processes to reduce costs and helping your teams adapt to a changing environment.

Take control of your finances

We can help you get real-time visibility of your financial performance and support reporting, connecting data across all areas of their business to inform business decisions, automating processes, reducing costs and accelerating financial reporting in one cloud-based solution.

Build agile business processes

Building agile business processes empowers your teams to be more productive and efficient and helps you to stay agile and competitive in a rapidly changing environment. The Power Platform can enable you to create your own low-code apps, by advising on best practice and centralised governance or we can build these for you.

Achieving operational excellence

You can achieve increased efficiencies and faster time to market by automating and streamlining your business processes. We will help you manage your financials, sales, marketing projects and operations all from within one single cloud-based application. The best part is it will grow with your business, leveraging your investment aligned with your exit strategy.

Enable always-on Service

We can empower teams within your business to drive personalised, meaningful interactions within their customers, providing unparalleled support anywhere, anytime. We work with you to tailor a solution that enables your business to scale operations & optimise resources, to deliver exceptional customer experience.

Start your journey today.