Xpedition Private Equity: more than just software implementation

A successful project is more than just the software, it’s about industry expertise, and the experts that help guide your path to growth


Looking beyond the software

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we often extol the virtues of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and rightly so. For the private equity industry, it’s a powerful, versatile solution that is already helping firms tackle the latest industry challenges. Indeed, the Xpedition Private Equity Accelerator is one of only a handful of custom Dynamics 365 solutions tailored to the needs of your industry.

Since its inception however, Xpedition has always been about more than software. Because as important as the platform you choose is, just as important to the success of a project is the quality and experience of the team that guides it.

Because when it comes to your real challenges, the challenges unique to your industry and your firm, only a handful of Dynamics 365 partners can say that the truly have years of experience working in close collaboration with firms that once faced the same challenges you do.

Our experience in your industry is what sets Xpedition apart from the competition.

Building a ‘Taxi Report’ for a leading PE firm

As a lead Dynamics 365 Project Manager and Senior Consultant, Xpedition’s Charlie Zerny is well versed in the intricacies of the private equity industry. As a respected and trusted project leader, it’s fair to say that Charlie understands more than most about the challenges PE firms face today.

For example, take a significant Microsoft Dynamics 365 project that Charlie led for a major Private Equity firm.  Following a successful implementation, phase two of the project saw certain members of the client team enquire as to whether a further customisation could be built. There were professionals at the firm who were constantly on the move & needed access the most recent client information at the click of a button. By surfacing all relevant client or investor information through Dynamics 365, it meant that even at short notice, the client biographies and all recent, relevant communications could be accessed in one go. This ‘Taxi Report’, a quick to access and easy to read report was available even on mobile and tablet.
As a tool for PE professionals on the move, a ‘Taxi Report’ is an invaluable asset. And, at first glance, a ‘Taxi Report’ may appear deceptively simple to the private equity professionals who use it to review the high-level client information they need as they are racing to their next meeting.

But looks can be deceiving.

As with so many technology platforms today, what is simple and readily accessible to the user is often masking complex, intricate networks that require levels of technical and project management expertise that only comes from years of working in a specific industry.

With a tailored ‘Taxi Report’ successfully delivered by Charlie and the team, the client was able to do what so many firms want to do but struggle to achieve; break down data silos and merge previously unconnected data to easily create  identify valuable cross-selling opportunities at the click of a button.

Your trusted guide in a complex industry

The creation of a ‘Taxi Report’ was just one of the many examples where Xpedition’s experience allows us to deliver complex, tailored solutions that meet clients needs.

Charlie’s role, like all of the project team at Xpedition, is not only to deliver a project on time and on budget. Very often, our experts are able to  identify the ‘gaps’ between the CRM users on the front line ground, the technical team and the project sponsors.  It’s here, perhaps more than anywhere else, where Xpedition’s understanding of your industry creates the most value. We assess the perceived needs versus the real needs.  Xpedition’s experts act as the linchpin between the various tiers of the client organisation. As with the creation of a ‘Taxi Report’, experts like Charlie are able to deliver projects that add true value to a firm.

And this level of comprehension can only be achieved because experts like Charlie know private equity and know what it takes to deliver success.

Delivering real business value through expert consultancy

To speak to us about our private equity experience, our consultative approach to a CRM projects, and to find out more about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, contact us today.

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