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Conceive and realise your most ambitious business transformation goals with Xpedition and Microsoft Catalyst, underpinned by proven concepts from Harvard Business School and McKinsey.


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Mapping the right transformation route for your business

As a Microsoft Catalyst certified Partner, Xpedition can help your organisation build, plan and execute business transformation strategies using the power and breadth of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform and the Microsoft Cloud.

The idea framework

It all starts with an IDEA

Microsoft Catalyst seeks to prepare you for disruptive changes that can impact your business through a series of holistic and progressive activities. The objective is to understand what digital disruption means for your organisation, and for your customer value proposition.

By engaging a diverse set of key stakeholders through proven envisioning techniques, you will open up business transformation conversations to levels you will not have previously explored. These engagements result in the creation of innovative, actionable plans that will revolutionise your business transformation strategy.

realise your digital ambitions

Prepare for disruptive change with Microsoft Catalyst

Through a series of holistic and progressive activities that include Envisioning Workshops and Solution Assessments, Microsoft Catalyst will help your organisation prepare for the disruptive changes impacting your industry. With Xpedition to guide you, you will conceive and realise real business transformation value through a series of curated phases: Inspire, Design, Empower and Achieve.


Imagine what the future of your business looks like. Define your transformation journey.

Xpedition uncovers the unique challenges and opportunities of your user experience. We use design thinking to generate ideas, approaching digital change creatively and critically.

This all occurs alongside the engagement of key business stakeholders to support your vision.


Quantify the value of your business transformation and its technological impact.

An individualised Solution Assessment brings stakeholders together to review your objective against existing processes and technologies.

Shaping our perspective on your readiness for the future state, this assessment offers a customised roadmap to achieving all digital transformation goals.


Ensure buy-in from key business stakeholders with a tailored solution presentation.

This pivotal stage brings your vision to life through an engaging utilisation of visual assets, solution demonstrations and other immersive experiences.

This customer-specific demo showcases the visions and value of your transformation as imagined in the envisioning workshop.


Execute your strategy, supported with an executive-ready proposal aligned to your business goals.

An action plan offers the blueprint for executing the solutions and transforming your business.

The comprehensive Transformation Plan we provide summarises and applies the research from the three previous phases.


Make your most ambitious digital goals a reality with Microsoft Catalyst

Download our Catalyst Engagement document to learn how Xpedition will help you conceive and realise your most aspirational transformation goals.

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