Accelerate Revenue Generation with Microsoft Copilot for Sales

Microsoft Copilot for Sales improves productivity by empowering sellers to take next-best actions based on in-depth customer insights. Close deals faster thanks to comprehensive, next-generation, AI-driven automation that reduces sellers time spent on mundane tasks and instead, helps amplify the time spent on optimising sales pipeline flow to accelerate revenue generation.

Leveraging next-generation AI capabilities, Microsoft Copilot for Sales enables sellers to sell smarter and work more efficiently by streamlining processes using AI-driven automations, personalising customer interactions with AI-generated insights, and increasing the number of deals to accelerate revenue generation and maximise customer lifetime value.

Never lose a prospect again

Microsoft Copilot for Sales is the next evolution in pipeline and revenue intelligence. Empower sales teams by enabling them to spend more time selling and less time on repetitive admin work. By leveraging generative AI to enhance efficiency and maximise sales productivity, sales teams will increase conversion rates thanks to Copilot surfacing ‘next-best actions’, helping personalise customer interactions,  and accelerating pipeline to win more deals, faster. 

Streamline workflows using advanced AI

Microsoft Copilot for Sales brings next-generation AI and sales insights from CRM into the Microsoft 365 productivity tools like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Word to reduce app switching, helping sellers stay in the flow of work. With AI, sellers can capture and edit key customer and opportunity details in Outlook and Teams and sync directly to the CRM platform to ensure sales professionals capture and respond to customer expectations in the most streamlined and efficient way possible.

Personalise customer interactions to drive new deals

Increase customer lifetime value with AI-supported insights and recommendations on next steps. Surface meeting notes, emails, opportunity summaries, and related content in Outlook and Teams. Leverage AI-generated meeting summaries including keyword and conversation analysis, competitor mentions, KPIs, and suggested tasks to maximise customer personalisation and accelerate pipeline flow. 

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