Leverage next-gen AI to enhance customer service and drive customer loyalty with Microsoft Copilot for Service

Microsoft Copilot for Service is a cloud-based solution that integrates with your existing service platforms and provides real-time guidance and suggestions to your agents as they interact with customers. Microsoft Copilot for Service leverages the latest in AI to help organisations improve customer satisfaction, reduce resolution time, increase agent productivity, and optimise service operations.

How does Microsoft Copilot for Service help?

Customer service is a key factor for organisations that wants to drive customer success and boost customer loyalty. However, providing high-quality customer service can be challenging, especially in the era of digital transformation, where customers expect fast, personalised, and consistent responses across multiple channels. With Microsoft Copilot for Service, a cloud-based next-gen AI platform, organisations can deliver faster, smarter, and more personalised customer resolutions by improving customer service agents’ productivity, performance, and satisfaction. By providing them with relevant information, guidance, and feedback, organisations can provide the best possible solutions to valuable customers in a timely and effective manner.

Revolutionise agent productivity

Microsoft Copilot for Service can assist customer service agents by providing them with relevant information, suggestions, and actions, based on the context of the customer’s query and the agent’s profile. Microsoft Copilot for Service can also help agents with tasks such as creating tickets, updating records, and sending follow-ups, using natural language generation and automation. This way, agents can focus on the customer’s needs and provide personalised and effective service, while reducing their workload and errors.

Optimise customer service operations

Monitor and improve customer service performance using data analytics and insights. Microsoft Copilot for Service provides metrics and reports on key aspects of customer service, such as customer satisfaction, agent productivity, and service quality, along with recommendations and best practices on how to optimise customer service processes, policies, and strategies, using AI and machine learning.

Enhance customer self-service

Provide customers with instant and accurate answers to their queries, using natural language understanding and knowledge extraction. Microsoft Copilot for Service can also guide customers through complex processes, such as booking a service, using conversational AI and dialog management. This way, customers can resolve their issues quickly and conveniently, without having to wait for an agent or switch to another channel.