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Providing sales leaders and professionals with an advanced suite of innovative, AI-infused tools, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales helps organisations uncover hidden opportunities, reduce sales cycle time, strengthen relationships and modernise sales processes by bringing your people, data and customers together to boost conversion rates and accelerate revenue.

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Empower sales professionals with automation and AI-infused tools that harness the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and the Power Platform. With contextual insights from customer data, sellers always know the next-best actions to take to personalise and elevate customer relationships in a timely and personalised way, reducing sales cycle time to close more deals, faster.

Accelerate intelligent selling

To remain competitive and achieve success, it’s vital organisations know how to accelerate revenue generation.

Empower sales teams with next-generation AI, automation, and contextual insights in the flow of work, to drive demand, personalise customer engagement, and close more deals at speed.

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Close more deals with AI-infused forecasting

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales gives your team competitive insight thanks to intelligent business data, generative AI, and sales collaboration tools. It enables you to make informed decisions and allows you to engage with customers in a timely and personalised way.

Better still, time-consuming repetitive tasks such as contact email tracking and task views are automated, leaving more time to focus on closing business. A win-win situation.

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Scale best practice across the sales team

Automate sales guidance by creating ‘best-practice’ sequences for the entire team to help increase conversion rates and forge new customer relationships.

Sales leaders can access actionable insights and key performance indicators (KPIs) from top sales professionals to scale successful customer engagement and selling techniques to the rest of the division, boosting the win rate and maximising revenue growth.


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