Business Process Automation Benefits – Your Key to Success

Discover business process automation benefits and what they mean for your organisation’s future success and growth.

Productivity, efficiency, speed and performance… words you hear again and again from software companies promoting their business systems. If you’re considering investigating business process automation benefits, you’ll want to know the tangible meaning of these and how your organisation can profit. How exactly will the system make things different and better, and what will that mean for your organisation’s success and growth?
Based on our customers’ experiences of deploying Microsoft’s finance and ERP solution, Dynamics 365 Business Central, we’ve compiled a list of the key commercial and operational benefits it delivers for them.

Cut costs

Use Business Central in the cloud and you can strike out the cost of managing, installing, updating and maintaining software and hardware. You can access the latest and most effective Microsoft technology without upfront capital expenditure. You’ll get the latest features and functions upgraded automatically and without disruption to business as usual.
“ERP reduces operational costs by 23% and admin costs by 22%”  Aberdeen Group

Increase return on technology investment

If you’ve already invested in a Microsoft end user app, you can get even more value from it by using Business Central. Integrated with Office365, it enables process automation and is intuitive for users, with familiar interfaces and controls. You can work more productively because data files and programmes are accessible from within the application you’re using – you don’t have to move between screens and systems to locate financial data and then work on it in Excel, or update database records using information sent by email, for example.

Reduce human error

Automating processes provides peace of mind and ensures your organisation keeps on track to meet deadlines. With connected systems in 365,  you cut out error-prone duplication of data entry and workarounds. The removal of data silos and disconnected systems delivers a single data source  – it’s easy for everyone to record and call up data from a central repository and all the tools they need to review and report on it are built in.


Collaborate and share data

Business Central is part of the Microsoft ecosystem. That means every vital application across your business functions can work together seamlessly. Business Central integrates with Dynamics 365 CRM to combine business performance, financial and operational data with customer value and behaviour data. Everything integrates with Outlook, Word, Excel and the key apps your people use every day to plan, schedule, communicate and process information.
Apps and up-to-date data and files are accessible in the office, on the move and on mobile devices, so everyone’s got what they need at their fingertips, 24/7. Along with process automation, that means faster responses to customer and internal requests, using correct, up-to-date data to make informed choices and speed up your end-to-end processes.

Gain insight to continuously improve decisions and processes

Use real-time operational data to make decisions that help you serve your customers more effectively. Dashboards, reporting and business intelligence tools mean you can see historic and current performance and identify patterns and trends. That helps you plan resources, optimise purchasing and refine pricing to meet key targets and remain continually competitive. Finance teams can manage cashflow effectively, with a real-time view of business costs and revenue.
Instead of waiting days or months for analysts to construct and populate reports, you can react immediately to market changes signposted by data insight, so you can always deliver the quality services and products your customers demand.

Optimise workforce utilisation

Business process automation benefits free your skilled workers from repetitive tasks, administration and manual processing. They can focus on reviewing process effectiveness and improving your operations to be as efficient, cost-effective and differentiated as possible. You can review your organisation structure and assign more staff to creative, innovative and human-centred work that contributes to business growth and employee engagement.

Lock in security and compliance

Business Central is built to the highest standards of quality and resilience, with Microsoft investing continually in researching, improving and enhancing security to keep a step ahead of the latest cybersecurity threats. It’s impossible to completely eliminate the risk of cyberattacks, but using a fully supported solution from a global market leader minimises your risks of exposure and therefore of litigation or material loss from data breaches.
“Top three benefits users gain from using ERP software: reduced process time, increased collaboration and centralised Enterprise data”. TEC

Take advantage of business process automation benefits

If you’d like to access the specific benefits your business could achieve with process automation using Business Central, get in touch: we’ll connect you with an experienced Xpedition consultant who knows your industry sector.

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