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A seamless multi-brand cloud environment for Bradshaw Taylor

An all-in-one business management solution with deep data analytics

Project Summary:

Cloud transformation deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to deliver a modern customer experience with reduced customer service queries

Speed of implementation for 9 global brands onto a single cloud solution

Finance synergy and integration of brands globally

Accelerated data maturity journey with a fit for purpose Cloud Data Platform underpinned by Azure and Power BI

End-to-end outdoor fashion solution for a lean business model

Working with Xpedition

“Having not worked with Microsoft Dynamics 365 before, we needed confidence in our implementation partner. Xpedition was very adaptable and moved quickly to ensure we met our demanding deadlines. Their knowledge and expertise allowed us to deliver a cloud fashion-based solution that was both on time and totally aligned to our business needs.

“With Xpedition, we have digitally transformed and re-engineered the way we run our outdoor fashion business brands. The templated rollout process means we are now able to get our brands to market much quicker.”

Paddy Devlin / Head of Business Technology, Bradshaw Taylor
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About the organisation

Bradshaw Taylor is an outdoor and lifestyle organisation bringing a range of retail brands to market across the UK, Europe, USA & Canada. 

As a family business established 25 years ago, it has successfully grown with the acquisition of a range of respected brands in apparel, footwear and outdoor equipment. Its prestigious brands include the recognised ethical and sustainable clothing brand Sherpa Adventure Gear and Le Chameau, the premium footwear brand famous for its rubber boots.

The challenge

Each of Bradshaw Taylor’s acquired brands had been operating separately with their own business and finance functions. These mainly legacy IT systems were disparate and unconnected having grown organically over the years.  Time was being wasted having to manually consolidate data across the nine brands and senior leadership didn’t have full financial visibility in real-time. In addition, the online order and sales processes were not joined up.

Initially, the organisation was running a UK-centric set of brands, but this had recently expanded to include international ones, in Europe, USA and Canada. The company needed a central cloud platform that would be both fit for purpose and future-proof, as the business took on more brands and expanded its reach globally.

Paddy Devlin, Head of Business Technology at Bradshaw Taylor explains, “The IT systems of each brand were outdated and required upgrading and our ERP reporting tool didn’t provide us with the control and flexibility we needed. This was the right time to re-engineer our business so that we could deliver a centralised, best practice solution to drive growth.”


After due diligence into several cloud-based solutions on the market, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central was selected for its integration capability, benefits and the flexibility that Bradshaw Taylor required. A cost-effective solution, it would deliver a full ERP for everything from finance, sales, purchasing through to warehousing and reporting, with manufacturing capability required further at a later stage.

This was followed up with the development of a fit-for-purpose Azure Data Platform, underpinned by Azure Synapse, feeding in from Business Central as the key data source. A suite of Power BI reports allowed everyone in the business to get high value from their data.

With a recommendation from Microsoft, Xpedition was engaged to implement their business management solution for Fashion, underpinned by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Azure and K3|pebblestone.

Paddy goes on to say, “We spoke with another of Xpedition’s fashion sector customers that had faced similar challenges and were excited by the solution they had put in place. It made sense to adopt this proven best practice working model, which included Magento 2 for the ecommerce platform.”

Bradshaw Taylor wanted to implement Business Central as an out-of-the-box solution as much as possible, avoiding unnecessary or complex customisation. The K3|pebblestone fashion solution provides the customisable style, colour and size handling to enable the creation of numerous styles in different colours and styles on an easy-to-use matrix. Xpedition used its own integration framework to connect to third parties for logistics and for the ecommerce platform Magento 2. This would ensure that online orders would flow seamlessly through to delivery and enhance the customer purchasing experience.

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Speed of implementation 

Responding to the requirement of onboarding one of the new brands much more quickly than initially anticipated, Xpedition swiftly allocated additional resources. Phase one of the rollout was then delivered successfully in under one month to the first two major brands Artilect and Sherpa Adventure Gear (Canada).

Phase two was a nine-month implementation window for the remaining brands adopting a brand-by-brand approach, with the exception of the firm’s largest brand Le Chameau which has a wider remit to include manufacturing.

Paddy adds, “Transitioning to this new cloud model during the height of the pandemic meant we weren’t able to personally meet the team at Xpedition. But we worked seamlessly together on Teams and went successfully live with our first two brands within the required time scales and were actually taking orders too.”

Bradshaw Taylor now has a centralised cloud solution that provides one single platform for its nine brands globally. The finance and business processes are all integrated and give senior management full visibility of real-time finance and operational data on one dashboard.

“By using Azure and Power BI to provide a 360-degree view of our data and create real-time, cross-functional reports from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, we are enabling our own future development” adds Paddy.

Bradshaw Taylor has since commenced the next stage of its digital transformation project, which will include a complete integration of manufacturing and MRP across brands.


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