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Bridges Fund Management: Dynamics 365 Customer Case Study

Hear how a specialist PE firm have successfully harnessed next-generation digital tools thanks to Xpedition and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

A Private Equity CRM success story

Specialist Private Equity firm, Bridges Fund Management deploys CRM solution to support growth needs in an increasingly competitive and dynamic industry

“Xpedition’s expertise within the Private Equity sector has been invaluable, enabling us to deploy a quality solution tailored to our needs within tight timeframes.”

Zoe Burgess, Project Ambassador, Bridges Fund Management
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The Challenge

Digital transformation in a changing marketplace

Bridges Fund Management is a rapidly expanding firm, growing across the UK and US. They were seeing an increase in headcount, a more dispersed workforce and a wider scope of operations.

Bridges Fund Management lacked a single, complete, up-to-date and searchable database of all contacts, meetings, public emails, notes and events. Key business processes were inefficient and the team was missing opportunities for successful collaboration. Without one accessible overview of the company’s activities, employees were potentially unaware of relevant work in progress and activities taking place inside and outside of the firm.

Bridges Fund Management also needed to act responsively to industry and market pressures; compliance requirements to provide increased risk transparency, and investor expectations for efficient data management and modern digital communications. Key goals were to bring visibility and structure to business data and communications, internally and externally.

The Process

An accelerated approach to CRM solution delivery

Xpedition worked with Bridges Fund Management to help refine the CRM business case and create a detailed scoping document, to match system capabilities with business requirements.

The Private Equity CRM Accelerator, refines Microsoft Dynamics to meet the core needs of this industry, dramatically reducing the time to customise a best-fit for any Private Equity and Venture Capital firm. With less time needed to design a best-fit solution, Xpedition were able to migrate data, train staff and then implement an effective solution in less than 4 months. The team worked with project ambassador Zoe Burgess throughout the programme.

“It’s been particularly helpful in making sure we effectively address key industry challenges such as confidentiality, regulation and communication. They worked closely with us to translate our commercial needs into a solution that can deliver clear value to the business.”

Zoe Burgess, Project Ambassador, Bridges Fund Management

The Solution

Supporting closer business relationships

The CRM deployment now provides a reliable, secure and scalable communications platform across three critical business areas – investor relations, fundraising and deal flow. For general business development and admin, the CRM solution manages contacts, meetings, notes and client emails across the firm, allowing targeted communications and a 360-degree view of all activities.

Fundraising is now simpler to prioritise and implement manageable action plans, using simple Outlook reminders and team-wide communications tools. For deal flow, CRM now supports the team’s origination strategy with accurate data about the highest performing direct and indirect routes to market. Xpedition’s Private Equity Specialist, Jon Archer said “This project is one of many great examples of how Xpedition’s Private Equity CRM Accelerator can enable firms to quickly and effectively go-live on time and within budget.

By cutting the time needed for development and customisation, Bridges Fund Management were able to get their hands on an ideal solution sooner and start seeing the benefits quickly.”

The Future

A platform to support ongoing business growth

Bridges Fund Management is now equipped with a CRM solution that will transform the success of business operations and foster a culture of digital communication and collaboration. Having recognised the importance of CRM user adoption across the entire workforce, Bridges Fund Management have planned regular feedback sessions, so every business unit can contribute to the future development of the CRM solution to meet their ongoing needs.

“With our rapid growth and ambitions for the future, we are now equipped to continue expanding, with a foundation of secure, reliable data and well-supported processes that everyone in the business can buy into. The insights we gain will refine our decision-making and actions.”

Zoe Burgess, Project Ambassador, Bridges Fund Management

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