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University of Essex: Dynamics 365 Customer Case Study

Learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation that supports a new generation of student services at the University of Essex.

Xpedition connects new Student Services Hub for the University of Essex.

Xpedition has successfully delivered a Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation to support a new generation of student services at the University of Essex.Bringing together four new teams, the University created a new integrated Student Services Hub. The Hub enables students to receive help and support throughout their university career.

Staff use the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform to record and respond to requests. These include queries about accommodation, course registrations, finances and other aspects of student life. This ensures staff can efficiently refer queries to experts, track cases and build up a picture of student demand. Together, this holistic picture helps the University team enhance the overall student experience. This, in turn, helps the University maintain its position as one of the leading universities for student satisfaction.

The new Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution is now fully integrated with existing accommodation, financial, student record and other back office systems.  This means the Student Services team can quickly access relevant information without having to request it or log in separately.

The project builds on Xpedition’s well-established relationship with the University of Essex. Xpedition has previously designed and implemented CRM solutions to support marketing, student recruitment and manage commercial relationships.

Xpedition Project Manager Mark Scott said, “This project is a great example of how Microsoft Dynamics 365 fulfils requirements other than pure sales and marketing. In this case, it’s helping to support a student community.  It increases the University’s attractiveness to candidates and providing extra resources to make student life easier.”

Xpedition has delivered an integrated, customised solution based on proven, leading-edge CRM software. We believe will significantly enhance our students’ experience. This is another significant step towards the overall goal of making Dynamics the definitive system for frontline customer service interactions across all areas of the University.” The University of Essex

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