Xpedition FS Xcelerator

FS Xcelerator

Financial Services KYC & Client Onboarding App

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, the Xpedition KYC and On-Boarding App enables financial institutions to meet both their regulatory compliance requirements, whilst also delivering a modern, streamlined client on-boarding experience

What the KYC and On-boarding App can do for you

Enhance compliance, client experience and efficiencies with FS Xcelerator KYC and On-boarding app

Due to a rapidly evolving regulatory compliance landscape, client on-boarding is becoming ever more and time-consuming and difficult to navigate. It’s important to be able to flex and adapt to this rapidly changing compliance environment. And there’s also the vital element of the client experience to consider too.

To meet the expectations of today’s clients, you need to deliver a modern, streamlined, digital-first on-boarding process. Afterall, on-boarding is very often the first interaction a potential client has with you and in this increasingly saturated sector, it’s a key battleground for where you have the opportunity to demonstrate a considerable competitive advantage.

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Key features and benefits

  • See what stage a record is in and what steps remain in order to complete it
  • Process flows guide users through each step to ensure they capture all requirements
  • Fully customisable screens to meet users needs and provide key KYC intelligence
  • Identify the most suitable client product with a configurable attitude to risk framework
  • At proposal stage, the system guides users through the document generation procedure. The app utilises Power BI to provide deeper insights into client data


Xpedition KYC and On-Boarding Mapping Workshop

To help financial services organisations turn the challenge of KYC and on-boarding into a strength,  Xpedition is offering a complimentary KYC and On-Boarding Workshop that offers you the opportunity to:

  • Review current solutions and KYC and on-boarding processes
  • Delve into key challenges
  • Explore how the FS Xcelerator, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform can help mitigate challenges
  • Accelerate KYC processes and meet client expectation
  • Collaborate and build a best-practice framework to suit your specific needs
  • Examine the strategies needed to build a strong internal business case
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