Secrets of customer engagement with Microsoft Dynamics

The bar keeps getting higher when it comes to customer engagement, with companies like Amazon setting the benchmark. So how can you deliver exceptional customer experiences to delight customers and meet their growing demands?
Nowadays, customers expect so much more. In fact, they demand it. When companies like Amazon set the benchmark for engaging customers, other organisations have a lot to live up to.
The value of customer experience should not be underestimated, with numerous reports indicating how the customer experience is becoming one of the most important elements of customer choice.
Fortunately, it is now possible to engage customers on a personal level, at scale. Attend our Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI event in London to find out how every organisation can use the latest technology to deliver truly individual experiences and win at customer engagement with Microsoft Dynamics 365.
In an increasingly connected world, customer demands continue to grow. Seamless, omni-channel experiences are becoming more commonplace from leading organisations.
If you want to win new customers, and keep them, you have to make them feel valued. You have to give them experiences tailored around what makes them unique. You need to open up real dialogues, and have 1-2-1 conversations. Using what you know about each individual to be as relevant as possible will make you stand out.
But how do you know what makes customers unique? With data, building your knowledge and understanding of everyone you engage with. You may have been collecting data for years, but not extracting the value that lies within. If you uncover the insights you already have, you can serve your existing customers better, and provide new ones with individual, memorable experiences that drive new business.
To win at customer engagement with Microsoft Dynamics you need to sort out your data. First up, you need to break down the barriers between your data silos. Connecting your data will allow you to use it to your advantage.
As customer data continues to grow, solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 allow you to make sense of what you’ve got, and what you’ll collect in the future. We’re not just talking about demographics though – you can only understand what makes customers unique if your data’s detailed, connected and organised. With the power of Microsoft AI, you can then find the insights that will help you to engage your customers better than ever on a truly personal level.
There are 3 things we can learn from Amazon. Firstly, do what they do best and treat customers differently. Secondly, make sure you send targeted and personal follow ups to everyone who engages with your business. And finally, never stop enhancing – embrace continuous experience improvement.
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