Time to Transform Interview Series | Episode Two

Driving Revenue Operations (RevOps) in Financial Services

Growth is intrinsically linked to firm value, but growing an organisation in volatile and uncertain times is becoming ever more challenging for financial services firms. Migrating from legacy solutions, connecting siloed data and teams, and delivering on increasing customer expectations requires a new way of working. With this in mind, firms need to start thinking about more innovative ways they can optimise their sales, marketing and customer success processes to stay ahead of the competition. One way that of doing this is by implementing a RevOps framework that brings together people, processes and technology to enhance the customer experience, leading to the winning and retaining of more customers, increased share of wallet, and gaining actionable insights from optimised data, enhanced by the latest in AI and machine learning.

Join our speakers to learn more about what firms need to think about when adopting a RevOps approach and the multiple benefits the framework enables.


Richard Gibson

Senior Marketing Manager
Ben Revill

Financial Services Business Manager

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