Metis for Charities

With Metis for Charities, you can realise your investment from legacy data systems and digitally transform your charity. Banish data silos and promote data-sharing and organisational learning. Leverage charity data analysis and AI to accelerate your mission and empower everyone in your charity to make truly data-driven decisions.

Turn data into intelligence and future-proof your organisation

Increase data security and compliance with a set of cloud-based data tools built on Microsoft Azure, one of the most innovative public cloud platforms on the market. Transform your charity data into analysis and valuable insights that enable you to streamline fundraising, enhance the user experience, influence stakeholder relationships and optimise financial performance.

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Empower your organisation to thrive with Metis for Charities

Metis | Charity data analysis | Features & Benefits

Digital fundraising and forecasting optimisation

Leverage predictive insights and AI to identify opportunities to optimise digital fundraising. Create more accurate financial forecasts by integrating third-party and proprietary data and transforming it into rich visualisations that expose financial trends and risks.

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Lifecycle-based supporter personalisation

Create hyper-personalised supporter experiences and engagements. Build in enhanced loyalty architecture leveraging segmented data insights, such as donor and volunteer demographics and lifecycle stage.

Real-time, cross-functional reporting

Banish data siloes and integrate data across your organisation for a single source of the truth. Put cross-functional up-to-the-minute insights in the hands of everyone who needs it in your charity.

Data strategy services

A data-transformation strategy and road map is the foundation for maximising your charity’s impact. Our team of highly experienced consultants will work with you to ensure data is democratised, governed and formally managed across your organisation.

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Metis for Charities Services

Data & Insights Services

Migrate to Azure

  • Azure Adoption Roadmap
  • Azure Landing Zone
  • Security & Compliance
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Data Consultancy

  • Data Strategy Services
  • Data Maturity & Quality Assessment
  • Data Governance Consultancy
  • Data Adoption Roadmap
  • DataOps as a Service
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Cloud Analytics & Rapid Insights

  • Azure Analytics Data Platform
  • Regression modelling timeseries and classification
  • Data source agnostic Power BI reports and Dashboards
  • Azure Purview, Synapse, Machine Learning and AI-based data analytics and automation solution
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We’re honoured to be awarded membership to Microsoft’s Inner Circle for Business Applications 2022/2023.

Membership to this elite group is based on sales achievements that rank Xpedition in the very top echelon of Microsoft’s Business Applications global network of partners.

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