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The CX Conundrum: Why Business Transformation is Imperative to Success

Digital transformation in customer experience (CX) requires a fundamental change to business models and thinking. It can’t be done half-heartedly, since effective CX needs a top-down alignment of connected technology, people and processes.

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Personalisation at scale ​can drive between 5% and 15% revenue growth for companies in financial services sectors​​


What is digital transformation in customer experience (CX)?

Digital trnsformation in customer experience is the reimagining of the customer journey through the optimisation and integration of digital technologies to fundamentally change how a business operates and the value it offers to its customers.

Your business can’t afford to fall short on CX

Customer journeys and lifecycles are more complex than ever. Digital disruptors are building their propositions based on their heightened ability to understand and adapt to them, delivering more personalised services and communications, at the right moments, to maximise revenue.

All but the newest disruptors in any industry must undergo some form of digital transformation to deliver CX which is differentiated enough to support long-term, sustainable growth. Whether it’s investing in automated ERPs to streamline internal workflows, or using data better to boost revenue growth, you need strategic focus to ensure obstacles don’t impede progress.

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