Metis for Financial Services

With Metis for Financial Services, you can create fast access to reliable, integrated and highly secure data that supports dynamic decision-making. Leverage predictive data analytics and AI to create valuable insights that will catalyse business expansion, growth into new markets and competitive advantage.

Data optimisation is crucial for business resilience and agility

Defining data analytics in the financial services industry

A paradigm shift is happening in financial services. Traditional firms are at risk of losing market share to newer, more agile providers whilst they grapple with multiple legacy systems. The rise of fintechs and legislation such as PDS2 is squeezing institutions to increase their speed to market and pace of innovation.

The key to banks, financial services and insurance firms gaining a competitive edge is more agile product and service development, paired with enhanced financial services data analytics and actionable insights that lead to shortened development lifecycles.

Ensuring real-time, cross-functional reports are readily available with outputs that evidence regulatory standards are being met is only going to become more of a challenge. Deep business intelligence, integrated data architecture and a strong data strategy is central to minimising risk and sharpening fraud detection.

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Empower your organisation to thrive with Metis for Financial Services

Metis | Data analytics in financial services | Features & Benefits

Lifecycle-based client personalisation

Create hyper-personalised experiences and offerings, build in enhanced loyalty architecture and increase Lifetime Customer Value. Enhance the CX by optimising client-care.

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Operational resilience and optimisation

Future-proof your business by identifying opportunities to safeguard against future threats and protect and sustain core operational services in a changing environment.

Real-time risk analysis reporting

Leverage predictive analytics and Machine Learning for fraud detection and prevention. Perform real-time, automated risk analyses and empower your team with decision intelligence informed by up-to-the-minute environmental data.

Data strategy services

A data-transformation strategy and road map is the foundation needed to unlock your business’s true potential. Our team of highly experienced consultants will work with you to ensure data is formally managed across your business.

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Metis for Financial Services

Data analytics in financial services

Migrate to Azure

  • Azure Adoption Roadmap
  • Azure Landing Zone
  • Security & Compliance
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Data Consultancy

  • Data Strategy Services
  • Data Maturity & Quality Assessment
  • Data Governance Consultancy
  • Data Adoption Roadmap
  • DataOps as a Service
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Cloud Analytics & Rapid Insights

  • Azure Analytics Data Platform
  • Regression modelling timeseries and classification
  • Data source agnostic Power BI reports and Dashboards
  • Azure Purview, Synapse, Machine Learning and AI-based data analytics and automation solution
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