Metis | Leveraging the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Metis, the wife of Greek God Zeus and mother of Athena, is the Goddess of Knowledge. She was one of Zeus’ most skilled advisors and often helped him strategise and make informed decisions. Xpedition’s Metis suite of services and data insights solutions hinges on the premise that it is the strategic application of data-driven knowledge that is critical to business success. With Xpedition Metis, leverage the power of Microsoft Fabric to bring data and analytics into a single experience, and lay the foundations for the next era of generative AI. 

Data is the lifeblood of successful organisations

With Metis, you can leverage the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform to provide everyone in your business with the tools and methodologies to create value from data whilst optimising data security and governance. Increase your business’s growth trajectory and more accurately predict your future, through integrated data architecture, enhanced data analytics and richer data visualisations.

Through the implementation of a comprehensive data transformation strategy, we change disparate data into a strategic asset, providing you with a single source of the truth by distilling data down to meaningful insights that give you the confidence to make informed business decisions, improve operational resilience and support competitive advantage in challenging times.

POWERED BY microsoft intelligent data platform

Empower your organisation to thrive with Metis

  • Deep business intelligence – gain access to a platform for expansion and growth into new markets
  • A single version of the truth – leading to more accurate forecasts and a robust audit trail
  • Integrated data – for improved sales velocity, CX and exposing of new trends and business risk
  • Resource reallocation – from maintenance of legacy systems to more value creating areas
  • Data governance – clearer ownership and defined data processes
  • Enhanced security – with Microsoft’s cloud-based data services
  • Data-driven culture – create positive change and influence decision-making across your business

microsoft azure data platform

Metis Services

Migrate to Azure

  • Azure Adoption Roadmap
  • Azure Landing Zone
  • Security & Compliance
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Data Consultancy

  • Data Strategy Services
  • Data Maturity & Quality Assessment
  • Data Governance Consultancy
  • Data Adoption Roadmap
  • DataOps as a Service
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Cloud Analytics & Rapid Insights

  • Azure Analytics Data Platform
  • Regression modelling timeseries and classification
  • Data source agnostic Power BI reports and Dashboards
  • Azure Purview, Synapse, Machine Learning and AI-based data analytics and automation solution
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